Yay! You decided to click through and wanted to know more! We just want to say thank you again for visiting our page. If you’re wondering how Hello Good Times was born, brace yourself and read on. This may be long, so grab your coffee (or wine) and cupcakes to munch on!

Jinger taking over… I guess you can say I always wanted to start my own business. Who doesn’t? It all started 7 years ago when I had to find my first job out of college. After hours of applying to numerous companies on the daily - I would bake for Jerome’s colleagues to relieve my boredom of not having a job. Interest in my cookies grew and the idea of opening a bakery sparked.

With all my free time, I would mockup logos and menus of what I envisioned for this bakery. I soon realized I had no experience in the food industry, let alone not knowing how to run a business. Instead, I kept baking as a hobby and continued to pursue my dream job as an art director for a fashion company.

I finally got my first job, worked in the industry, and was even offered my dream job multiple times. But for some reason, I couldn’t take it. I wanted to learn more and it didn’t feel right. Crazy right? I know. I questioned myself a lot too.

Years went by as I grew my career re-branding over 8 brands, gaining experience in art direction, marketing, e-commerce and social media in both the digital and print world. I was then at a point in my life, that I knew the next move would be was to start a business. I wanted something new, fresh, and exciting to come next!

After I designed and planned our wedding it was then I wanted to share my creativity and designs with the world. I was still unsure of what this new business idea was going to be so we started with a photo booth. We did an event or two and knew it could be more than that. We brainstormed outside of the photo booth idea. What else could be fun? What else can I design? How do we stay creative? Should we start our own online store? How do we create a good product and experience? We then married my design and creativity and Jerome’s business and financial experiences and together Hello Good Times was born!

At Hello Good Times, we want to eliminate the stress for you by providing the essentials to throw a great party while you are also having a good time. We take pride in the design and quality of all our products. We strive to deliver you an experience and produce pieces that you will share with others and never forget!

Thank you again for visiting our page! Take a look around to see all our pretty little things we have to offer.

But just before I go, I want to thank my husband, best friend and partner in life, Jerome. From day 1 you have supported every good or bad decision I made and have never given up on me. Thank you for encouraging and believing in me when I didn’t. For inspiring me everyday to push my limits. Without you, there would be no Hello Good Times. Here’s to another adventure!

The Good Timers


We’re just a duo creating your
“remember when…” moments.